Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Support an impoverished sceptic!

Settling down to listen to something interesting this evening, I was delighted to find an interview with my old friend Andy Roberts on the Righteous Indignation podcast. Agg, as I will always call him, was interviewed following his talk at Weird Weekend 2010 discussing the Berwyn Mountains UFO case.

Synopsis: In the winter of 1974 residents close to the Berwyn Mountains area of Wales, UK, were shaken by a rumbling explosion and rushed outside to see lights in the sky and beams coming up from the ground. The event entered UFO folklore as a 'flying saucer' crash site with a subsequent 'alien recovery' and cover-up by the government/military.

Variously described as an 'arch-sceptic' and 'renowned Fortean', Agg disassembles the events which gave rise to the 'Welsh Roswell' with his usual depth of research and clear thinking.

So watch the presentation, listen to the RI interview and, most important, buy the book - UFO Down? The Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash. It's the dedicated research of people like my friend which helps stem the tide of bullshit we are already up to our necks in.

WEIRD WEEKEND 2010: Andy Roberts

And I must say he looks much better that he did for his talk at last year's meeting.

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