Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ooo, Err, Just had an internet outage

And it was horrible. I got home from work and fired up my trusty workhorse only to find that Firefox wouldn't connect. ARGH!

Immediately I blamed myself, in an "I didn't do it" sort of way, but then I noticed outgoing network traffic when the should have been none. Double AARRGH - VIRUS. No internet connection and my virus scanner (AVG) has failed.

Calm me says: OK don't panic. Look at what's happening, go: Start -> run -> cmd -> netstat -?
(I had to be reminded of the netstat switches) then netstat -a -n

And it's all local network traffic, 192.168.x.n or Hmmm.

Hang on... no internet connection.

I look at the cable modem, RDY light off SYNC light flashing. No connection! Triple AAARRRGH. The outgoing traffic is just my computer 'trying' to connect. So I off/on the modem and twizzle all the connections. No difference.

Then! Then I cursed The Gypsy* who is re-laying some flagstones in front of the house where the wires come in. "Nah" says he "Not bin ahghtside i'this weather.**"

With a sigh I resigned myself to a weekend of service calls and no internet. So, for fun, I dug out an old game (Neverwinter Nights) and fought mythical creatures for a while (great therapy for a DnD nerd like me).

After a long night I looked at the modem again. RDY light on SYNC light on, back on line. Yay, it was their fault not ours. Bastards though, it was off for hours.

Internet service providers have a lot to answer for. There would be at least 50 gnolls, countless kobolds and orcs, and a giant still virtually alive but for Branson.

I virtually feel I could kill something...

* He is a very close friend, he can take it.
** TRANSLATION: I did not work outside today, it was raining.

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