Saturday, 17 October 2009

I know I've been quiet

Don't worry about it! There's been much I've had to do, and much more I still have to do. I've been doing some of it today whhich is wwhy I now haave an elevated blood/alchoholl level. I never expected so much though.
Two weeks, 10 working days, till I hand in my key fob, pick up my P45 and go to the pub.

This October is the longest month of my life.


delicate flower said...

Do we know what you're going to do come November 1?

NobblySan said...

...wake up, clutch his head, and finally leave the pub?

Andy Holroyd said...

Nobbly, you are not too far from the truth. But I am amazed, and flattered, as to how many people at work are stopping me to wish me well, or buying me lunch, or a drink after work. I’m regularly asked, “when is your leaving do?”

I never planned a do. I just wanted to sneak off quietly, but I can’t so it will be on Friday 30th Oct. Then I have Saturday to recover.

DF, the 1st November is in some ways a new beginning and in other ways a need to step back. I am not a wealthy person but I can see a chance of financial independence so I am taking it.

What will I do? Years ago I was a very keen gardener. I want to do it again, if only for fresh tomatoes and peppers. And I want grow fruit, I have a south facing wall and I’ve often thought it would be a good spot to train a peach tree. Now I can try. I have a couple of musical projects on offer; I’ll see how that works out. I want to know more about local history, I know a bit but not enough, and there is much to learn.

I will not be idle.

delicate flower said...

I spent some time this morning pondering what I have declared I want to do and what I need to do to make it a reality. I'm 1/2 way out of my job.. Last day is Nov.30.. and how long I can manage to go w/o a full-time job remains to be seen. I can accomplish something.. get this book written, so that will be the goal and the reward. I can't quite take retirement yet, but I can start to enjoy life on my terms.. and that's a good start.
Your plans, if that's what we call them, sound quite wonderful. Taking on some fun challenges, puttering, playing your music. Sounds great!