Monday, 22 December 2008

The party dance of hate

From yesterday's Telegraph:

"...according to the Catholic Church and some Scottish politicians, singing the popular tune that begins with the words 'You put your right hand in, your right hand out,' may constitute an act of religious hatred."
What? The Hokey Cokey?
"According to the church, the song's title derives from the words 'hocus pocus'.
The phrase is said to be a Puritan parody of the Latin 'hoc est enim corpus meum' or 'this is my body' used by Catholic priests to accompany the transubstantiation during mass."
And so of course football fans must be banned from singing it:
"Michael Matheson, the SNP MSP, said it was important that the police and football clubs were aware of the sinister background of the song and took action against groups who used it in matches."
Remember this as you 'shake it all about' at this year's Christmas bash. You irreverent hate filled revelers. Yes, you...


RBH said...

Looks like they're going to commit mass blasphemy on Dec 27. From the Wikipedia article linked above:

This theory led Scottish politician Michael Matheson in 2008 to urge police action "against individuals who use it to taunt Catholics.” This claim by Matheson was deemed ridiculous by fans from both sides of the Old Firm (the Glasgow football teams Celtic and Rangers) and calls have been put out on fans' forums for both sides to join together to sing the song on 27th Dec 2008 at Ibrox.[3]

Watch the lightning strike them all when they put their right foot in!

Andy Holroyd said...

Nice one, I hope they do. Rivalry and taunting has always gone on sporting events, it's part of the fun, but for both sides to taunt the 'establishment' would pack a big message. Keep of our turf!