Monday, 7 July 2008

Stonehenge revisited

Update to Stonehenge. Why I won't go back.

The Archaeo News site at Stone Pages (and the podcast) are even today describing the

"disgraceful visitor facilities, appalling traffic conditions and the poor environment at Stonehenge after the dramatic collapse of the tunnel and visitor centre schemes."
The collapse is not, I hasten to add, the tunnel 'under' the road I talked of last time but the collapse of talks proposing a 'road tunnel' to divert passing traffic off the A303 near Stonehenge. Improvements to the gift shop were also implied which might or might not have involved a second van selling ice cream or hamburgers (or both, can't remember), as dictated by the Office of Fair Trade and the Monopolies Commission.

Anyway... Idea scrapped:
"The back-to-square-one move follows the waste of £37.85 million of taxpayers' money on failed attempts to solve traffic and heritage problems at Stonehenge. After eight years of planning and controversy, the Stonehenge A303 Improvement Scheme was axed late last year."
"Culture Minister Margaret Hodge pledged to do everything possible to upgrade clogged roads and disgraceful visitor conditions at Stonehenge before the 2012 Olympic Games."
Well good'o, about time!

£37.85 million for nothing. English Heritage? Collectively we should hang our heads in shame.
Thanks to 'Anonymous' for the comment, or I might not have gone digging and missed this.

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