Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Only politicians could be so stupid

From today, in Holland, it becomes illegal to smoke tobacco in the coffee shops, says today's Guardian.

However, it remains legal to buy and smoke cannabis on the premises. So you can have a pipe, a bong, a chillum, hot knives or a pure spiff of marijuana. If you don't smoke you may enjoy cannabis coffee (doh), cakes, cookies, tea, fudge (thank you vicar*), bhang or just eat it raw.

But smoke it mixed with tobacco in a coffee shop and you are for the slammer mate!

"It's a bit like saying to someone you can go into a cafe and you can buy a beer, but you can't drink it there - you'll have to stick to whisky, rum and vodka," said Paul Wilhelm, owner of De Tweede Kamer, a popular Amsterdam coffee shop.
I'd say it was more like buying a short and not being able to have a mixer. Who drinks neat vodka for doG's sake? Oh! Oops, err... exit>>>
Take home message:
"It's absurd. In other countries they look to see whether you have marijuana in your cigarette, here they'll look to see if you've got cigarette in your marijuana."
*hashish fudge - just the thing for the vicar's tea party.

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