Monday, 9 June 2008

Weeing down my trouser leg #1

I'm thinking of having a new category called "Weeing down my trouser leg" for those posts I make under the affluence of incahol.
There will always be a point to these posts - I'm just blown if I can remember what it was.


Thanks as ever to PZ Myers for the link.

What if scripture really did foretell science?

I agree, and I quote from 'The Book of Astropithicus" ch.5

1And it will come to pass that understanding will sweep the land, for weight is not always, though the spirit of weight continueth.

And the motion of the spirit perpetuates, though it is often lazy.

Yet those without that spirit will have fastest motion and they will light the world, though their time will be measured. Others will follow to expand the world.

But the barter will be bright, the spirit of weight and the weightless twice themselves give bountiful reward.

And some will call it the egg and some will call it the mushroom.

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