Saturday, 17 December 2011

This is how I want to remember Hitch

Christopher Hitchens has died and the world has lost one of the greatesat speakers in the debates for rationality and human rights. May the spirit of his words endure...

This, I think, is Hitch at his best Debating free speech laws at the University of Toronto in 2006. The motion is: 'Be It Resolved: Freedom of Speech Includes the Freedom to Hate.'

"Stay cool"


NobblySan said...

A wonderful piece, Andy; from a great man.

I'd seen or heard short clips from that, but not the whole thing.


Andy Holroyd said...

There's more Nobbly. He only gets into full flow towards the end of his 20min slot, and I can't find it all.

Here's the best I can dig up of part 1.