Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Just for Duncan @ MadHatters

Slurping my morning coffee and blearily reading The Mad Hatters my day perked up wonderfully when I found Duncan had posted "The Mad Hatter's Song" by The Incredible String Band.

It got me thinking, are there any other songs with 'Mad Hatter' in the title? I could only come up with this.

Edgar Broughton Band Mad Hatter

There must be more, any other suggestions?


Duncanr said...

O.K. it's not one of his best (in fact I think it's bloody awful) but how about "Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters" by Elton John?


Andy Holroyd said...

A valid suggestion Duncan but as you say, "not one of his best".

Then again, Edgar Broughton wasn't on top form either!

Any more ideas?

N said...

You could always try Skynyrd.....


NobblySan said...

N=NobblySan with a trigger-happy keyboard.

Andy Holroyd said...

Nobbly, I finally turned off my Flash blocker and listened the track. Lynyrd Skynyrd... Nice one!