Friday, 14 January 2011

Busy doing nothing...

Not true...

I've actually written some code over the past couple of days. The band now has a domain and we'll be launching a website real soon now. I am no graphic artist, I'm much more happy to work on back end stuff with server scripts and databases, and I got a PHP/MySQL database running online today. I am over the moon!

Stay tuned for more.


Walker said...

Mercy... that's way beyond my comprehension, though I wish I had a little knowledge there.
I've been remiss in my blog reading. Glad to see you're still here and recovered from the flu. I'll be popping in from A Woman's Page now days!

Andy Holroyd said...

No mercy Walker, that's simple code! OK, it's a pig and it took me hours just to make a database with names in it, ans then print it back out. But now I know how; and next I want to make a database/calendar for what the band is doing.

It's great to hear from you. I'm slowly, slowly recovering from this damned bug, and will be scooting round the blogos again soon. I really need to update my blogroll too. MaƱana!

Duncanr said...

'Simple code' ?

Bloody show off !