Monday, 20 December 2010

This is becoming a habit!

I missed another Sunday post. We were playing again but I had forgotten it was another early start. Sitting with a steaming mug of coffee just after lunch, and expecting to have ample time, I thought I would ring the guys to see what the plan of action was.

"We've just finished loading the van mate. Pick you up in about 10 minutes."

I really must get better organised. Failing that, here's a little tune to put us in the Christmas spirit:

slade - merry christmas everybody

All have to do now is learn it for Wednesday night. Have fun!


Duncanr said...

Happy New Year, Andy - hope it's a good one for you

NobblySan said...

Likewise, Andy.

I've been trying to get a bit more involved in the blogging scene recent;y, and wll try to do more in this new year.

I don't really do NY resolutions, as I reckon that if you want to do something, you should just just bloody well do it; but in this case I'll try to be more involved - I hope you do as well, as I miss your take on things.


Andy Holroyd said...

Thanks guys

I haven't had much of a festive season this year, the flu got me just before Christmas and I've been laid up since. The Gypsy, who fell ill at the same time, had an asthma attack on Christmas Eve and I had to pack him off in an ambulance wheezing into an oxygen mask. He was 5 days coming round.

I had to pull out of a gig on Boxing Day and I hate to do that. The guys busked it through though thankfully, I feel so guilty at letting people down. I made it on New Year's Eve but that's the first time I've ever played an entire gig sitting down.

So, great fun was had by all! I do feel to be on the mend now, if only I can get all the cotton wool out of my head. Normal service will be resumed... etc.

Best wishes to you both Duncan and Nobbly, may the coming year be a good one for you and yours; and for everyone else too.

NobblySan said...

I hope that you and your mate are on the mend.

You're in good company sitting down at a gig - John Lee Hooker made a habit of it, and didn't Clapton once do an entire gig lying flat on his back? It was either lumbago or heroin.....