Friday, 18 June 2010

Poor, Poor, Poor

So will someone remind me just why these men are paid so much?

They have some of the best training facilities in existence and are called world class players but they can't pass a ball, the meaning of team play seems to elude them and they fall apart like schoolkids with their jackets piled up for goalposts. In the above photo they look more like a troupe of bongo drummers than sportsmen and tonight they would have been better accompanying the vuvuzelas than on the pitch. Given a good striker Algeria would have kicked England's arse, deservedly.

And can Fabio Capello speak sense? Any language will do...

Pathetic, clueless rubbish. "Votre équipe est putain terrible"


dave hambidge said...

Hi Andy; I hate soccer as you may know (!"£?) but even I cringed at the brief highlights shown with the main news programmes. I have a theory that because they are paid so much, whatever they produce at home, they don't do anything risky for fear of hurting themselves or getting dropped and loosing the cashcow that supports them.

Perhaps make their salries totally performance related?

NobblySan said...


Too bloody right! Without a doubt, that is the most incisive and potentially destructive anti-Capello comment that I've read so far.

Well said sir, whoever you are.

(Of course... the sheer brilliance of my comment will be lost forever when Andy deletes the spam on which it was based.)

Andy Holroyd said...

Thanks for pointing out such words of wisdom Nobbly. Spam deleted.

Andy Holroyd said...

Dave - I'm no huge sports fan but I do enjoy to watch skilful play and will support our National team in world class events. Had they played well and lost I'd have no complaints, but they didn't.

Making their pay performance related may work at a club level, but to play for your country should be reward enough in itself.

They need a kick up the backside!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if they made it 20/20 football, made the pitch smaller, played inside I might watch it. Blahahhaha who am I kidding :(