Saturday, 5 December 2009

Dead, ill, abducted by aliens?

No, still here. Thanks to everyone who's been asking if I'm OK; I'm fine.

So what's happening? A couple of weeks ago I caught a cold and felt a bit down, I had no concentration or enthusiasm and couldn't be bothered with the blinking box on my desk. As a result things began to slip. After a few days I was back on my feet but I still had no interest in things online. It's strange but I felt that, after spending the best part of 20 years in front of a screen, I'd had enough. "I'll blog and do my emails later on" was a regular thought, but it never got done. So, apart from DVDs, audio books and the occasional computer game, the PC has been off (I never realised how many programmes on Radio 4 are repeated through the week).

In the last day or two I'm feeling different and bouncing back. I still have old emails to catch up with and, even though I'm normally a very lazy Facebooker (don't bother), I have a surprising backlog of requests and whatever to respond to. I will get to it all soon.

Cheers all, I'm not far away.


NobblySan said...


That's pretty much how I felt a while ago.

I just simply couldn't be arsed - I'd switch the PC on, stare at the MH for a bit without anything grabbing my attention,and then turn it off again.

i got over it, but now, months later, I'm still not enthused to do any of the obscure, comical (hopefully?) writing that I used to do. i seem to have lost the edge to be creative, and just content myself with cynical sniping and general smartarsery.

Andy Holroyd said...

That's it Nobbly. When I packed in work I thought I would have lots of new time. For weeks I'd been saving links for sites to visit, videos to watch etc but when I looked there for inspiration there was none. Just "Yawn, seen it, done it. Same old".

I'm not going to drop 'Trousers' yet though. I still have ideas but I'll go with the flow. Changes may be afoot!

yorksnbeans said...

I can empathize. Once you make that initial break, whatever the reason, the addiction is not quite as strong and you can leave it alone for longer periods of time.