Friday, 13 November 2009

A little something to chew on

Yummy. Or maybe not.

The nerd in me first thought of Klingons, but then I wondered what's the most revolting thing you have ever eaten?

My tale:
Many years ago I knew some Japanese chemists who each were working in the UK for a year at a time. One guy in particular became a good mate. He used to get food parcels from home and shared the best Pot Noodles ever, ever, ever! He also used to get bags of tiny, dried, silvery fish which he munched like crisps. They were just about acceptable, but not really to my taste. The worst of all, the most disgusting thing, was sun dried cuttlefish, which to my friend seemed to be a delicacy.

To me it was like chewing a ball of string flavored with rotten fish. Truly revolting.

I got my own back later with a chunk of Blue Stilton cheese which, to my great laughter, he spat halfway across the room. It's all a matter of taste.

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