Sunday, 10 August 2008

Weeing down my trouser leg #4 - Big style

The world's most offensive joke.
A comical documentary from Channel 4 in short (5min) chunks.
NOTE: probably NSFW

1/9 - The Holocaust

Links to the rest are below the belt.

2/9 - Race

3/9 - Disability

4/9 - Princess Diana

5/9 - Paedophilia

6/9 - Tsunami

7/9 - Scousers

9/9 - Islam (winner)

Was I offended in any way? No, but I could have been if I didn't understand comedy.

Did I laugh? Yes. Outloud.

I thought the winning joke was best because they didn't need to tell it or show cartoons. The real joke was the reaction of those claiming to be offended. They are the ones I laugh at anyway.
And I loved the VW ad:

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